01. Skin Whitening and Natural Extract

The botanical whitening active ingredient inhibits tyrosine kinase, the main enzyme of melanogenesis,

as well as inhibits melanin production from melanocytes.

Due to the "Dual-Mechanism" of these botanical whitening active ingredients, it keeps the blackened skin healthy, clear and white skin.

Skin whitening and whitening complex™

피부 미백과 화이트닝 콤플렉스™

02. Melanin Production Inhibition Evaluation

Melanoma cells were cultured in the presence of GluCA® and the total amount of melanin

synthesized in the cells was reduced by 37% compared to non-treatment group as a control.

Analysis of total melanin levels in melanoma cells treated with GluCA®

*represents a statistically significant difference between the treated and the control (p < 0.05)

03. Tyrosinase Inhibition Test

The inhibitory effect of tyrosinase, the most important enzyme of melanin synthesis,

examined in melanoma cells treated with GluCA®.

That is, 69%, 51% and 48% inhibition of enzyme activity was observed in the treatment groups of 1 μg/ml, 5 μg/ml and 10 μg/ml, respectively.

Tyrosinase inhibition assay by GluCA®

*represents a statistically significant difference between the treated and the control (p < 0.05)

04. Skin Whitening Effects Evaluation

GluCA® Cure has proven the whitening, regeneration & restoration of melanin pigmentation skin by a variety of causes

through three-dimensional melanocyte cell culture experiments and skin clinical testing

Evaluation of the whitening effects of natural extracts

  • Melanin accumulation - purple

  • Contrast group  

  • UV B  

  • UV B + Natural extract

Skin Whitening Clinical Efficacy Assessment

  • GluCA® Melanin pigment inhibition

  • Before use

  • After 4 weeks

  • After 8 weeks

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