01. Ca2+ gradient in epidermis

The optimized structure and function of the healthy epidermis depend on a finely tuned balance between keratinocyte proliferation and differentiation.

The epidermis displays a characteristic calcium gradient, with low calcium levels in the basal layers and progressively increasing calcium levels toward the superbasal layer.

02. Ca2+ induced Keratinocyte differentiation

칼슘 이온은 케라티노사이트 분화에 매우 중요한 역할을 합니다.

Calcium ions induce keratinocyte differentiation to build up stratum corneum in the outermost skin layer. It reinforces skin barrier, and helps to regenerate and recover dry, sensitive, damaged and aging skins to be healthy.

  • Keratinocyte

    Ca2+ concentration : low

  • Corneous cell

    Ca2+ concentration : high

High level of calcium ions induce keratinocyte differentiation

03. Mg2+ as a modulator

Magnecium ion is a modulator as calcium ion channel blocker in epidermis.

Low extracellular level of magnesium ion allows the calcium channels to stay open allowing an influx of calcium ion into cells.

It radically induces Keratinocyte differentiation to cause skin cornification in epidermis. Proper calcium and magnecium ion balance provide optimal Keratinocyte proliferation and differenciation to maintain healthy skin.

04. GluCA® Cure and ion balance

It is very important to maintain optimal calcium and magnecium ion balance in healthy cell.

GluCA® Cure provides optimal calcium and magnecium ion balance to reinforce the skin barrier and regenerate dry, sensitive, sunburn, damaged and aging skins to be healthy.

  • Healthy cell


    calcium and magnesium ion

  • Un-healthy cell


    calcium and magnesium ion

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