GluCA® is a professional skin science brand that uses ion balance to solve various skin problems while supplying energy to tired and damaged skin.

  • The most important source of energy for cells in the sense of glucose

  • natural mineral ions,



We will establish the bases of

skin health by regulating

the energy source and ion balance that

fundamentally requires the skin instead of

temporarily looking good.


GluCA®, dermatological brand developed by integrating the patented technology of WIZCHEM CO., LTD.

  • 딥클렌징

    Deep Cleansing

    It removes excess sebum and pore waste on skin cleanly.

  • 피부미백

    Skin whitening

    It keeps skin tone clear, transprent and white by its whitening effect ingredient.

  • 천연추출물

    Natural extracts

    It helps to be calm and protect dry and sensitive skin quickly.

  • 자외선차단


    It protects skin from aging and light damage caused by ultraviolet light.

  • 피부장벽

    Skin barrier

    It acts as a protective layer covering for the skin surface.

  • 피부보습

    Skin moisturizing

    It moisturizes dry skin.

  • 이온밸런스

    Ion balance

    It helps maintain healthy skin by balancing calcium and magnesium ion concentrations.


Free from skin harmful ingredients

GluCA® did not use skin harmful ingredients such as parabens, benzyl alcohol, clophenes, benzyl alcohol, phenoxin, and benzophenon-8. This increases product reliability and makes it safe for everyone.

  • 메칠파라벤
  • 에칠파라벤
  • 프로필파라벤
  • 이소프로필파라벤
  • 부틸파라벤
  • 이소부틸파라벤
  • 벤질알코올
  • 클로페네신
  • 페녹시에타놀
  • 벤조페논-8

Skin irritation test completed

The skin irritation test was conducted by certified clinical institutes such as the Korea Testing and Research Institute, and the product reliability was verified.

Efficacy & clinical test

Studying with Department of Dermatology at Korea University Medical School, the performance of GluCA® was demonstrated through the human body's In vivo  3D skin tissue model and In vivo  efficacy test.


GluCA® offers a customized solution for a variety of skin problems.

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